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Yes to Peeling Review

The mask is easy to apply and features a tip for comfort

Yes to peeling is a great way to reveal healthier, younger-looking skin. Charcoal masks use 95% natural ingredients to dissolve impurities and dead skin cells, but won’t overtry your face. The mask is easy to apply and features a spatula tip for ease. This formula also has a spatula tip so you can apply it directly onto your skin. As a bonus, you’ll be left with smoother, cleaner-looking, younger-looking radiance.


There are selfie-friendly formulas that help your skin look its best

A single application of Yes to grapefruit glow-boosting unicorn peel-off mask leaves your skin glowing. The product has a bright, selfie-friendly formula made with vitamin C and grapefruit extract to help your skin look its best. The formula dries quickly and peels off to reveal clear, radiant skin. The mask can take eight to ten minutes to dry, but the results are worth it. This treatment can also leave your skin looking healthier, smoother, and brighter than before.


You can use it as many times as you need

In addition to the multi-tasking benefits of yes to peeling products, they also come with an applicator to help you apply the mask evenly. The applicator makes applying the product easy, and you can use it as many times as you need to achieve the desired results. This one-time treatment is great for busy schedules. The result will be a radiant, clear complexion that is ready for the world. And you’ll look good in selfies afterward!


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