What We Don’t Know in Fitness Can Hurt Us

All around us today, fitness and health are emphasized by marketing and programs on eating right, exercising, living a balanced life, meditating, finding life purpose and more. However, in practice, fitness done wrong is frequently one of the primary reasons people stop in their tracks from improving their health and doing better. That’s because, from what Nevar Jahwary has seen as a fitness trainer, it’s really easy for people to get seriously hurt starting out.

Starting Slow is a Smart Idea

Typically, most people who want to get back into exercising and fitness also want to realize a big life change. That tends to lead to wanting to dive in whole hog and do things fast. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t change so quickly; instead, it requires much slower adjustment over time to build up the flexibility, strength and capability to do more. And, unlike in our youth, Nevar Jahwary notes, most adults do not heal and bounce back quickly from injuries. So, the combination of zeal, slower healing, and overdoing it are perfect for triggering a serious injury. That in turn takes people out of commission for a long time, painfully, and then they don’t want to continue afterwards.

Instead, Nevar Jahwary advises, a move into fitness needs to start slowly. First, the body needs to be conditioned to work again. As like most people, many starting out tend to come from sedentary lifestyles. That means the body has to be trained to move correctly again. Once a person can maintain performance, whether walking, jogging or other mild exercise, then Nevar Jahwary expects that building up endurance comes next.

Endurance is critical for good fitness. Not only does it avoid injuries that come from exhaustion, it extends the workout, which in turn burns more calories, fat and improves the body’s strength to hold out under demand. All of those things are needed before the body can be expected to perform hard. If not, Nevar Jahwary sees it repeatedly, people getting hurt with sprains, strains and even soft tissue tears or broken bones.

Ramping Up Smart

Ideally, Nevar Jahwary expects people to adjust to higher and higher levels of fitness with adequate rest and time for recovery. The body can do amazing things as it changes and becomes capable of more work, but it also needs the opportunity to rebuild itself as well. Those who rush fitness development are typically the ones who also end up with a serious ligament or muscle tear, which can take months to heal and, if serious, might even require surgery to re-attach. No one wants that. So, as a fitness trainer, Nevar Jahwary monitors his clients closely as they reach new limits, making sure that they don’t over-extend or over-exert. It’s a key reason why anyone considering a big life change or a significant increase in fitness demands should be working with a fitness trainer versus just going at it alone without guidance.

A fitness trainer like Nevar Jahwary will always be monitoring for fitness risks when working with a client, which helps avoid injuries, especially when someone is trying something new.

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