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What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

There is a common misconception that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is caused by stressors related to the changing seasons. This is not true. If a child plays a competitive winter sport, he or she would not be diagnosed with SAD and would not need treatment. Instead, the health care provider will recommend cognitive behavioral therapy. There are no known causes for SAD, but there are several possible triggers.

Lack of sunlight

Lack of sunlight can cause a person to develop symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. A lack of sunlight disrupts the body’s biological clock, causing mood swings and sleep problems. In severe cases, depression can occur. Many people with this disorder are also hypersensitive to rejection and have suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, treatment is available for this condition. It can be treated with therapy. Those suffering from SAD should not hesitate to seek professional help if they feel the symptoms are affecting their lives. While light therapy is highly effective, it may not be right for every person. Cognitive behavioral therapy can also be helpful. It helps people learn how to manage their emotions and behaviors. It is just as effective as antidepressants or light therapy, without the risk of side effects. While light therapy may work wonders for some people, it’s not a cure for SAD. You should see your doctor if you’re feeling depressed and are suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

Treatment is essential

While the symptoms of SAD may be varying in severity, they are common. The longer the days are, the better your mood will be. The shorter the days, the more likely you’ll experience SAD. The underlying cause of seasonal affective disorder is believed to be a disturbance of the circadian rhythm, which is controlled by sunlight entering your eyes. The darker your mood is, the more likely you are to be depressed. The cause of SAD is unknown. The symptoms vary from person to person and may be triggered by genetic or geographic factors. The disorder typically begins in the fall and lasts through winter, with symptoms lifting as the seasons change. However, some people are genetically susceptible to SAD, so treatment is essential. This type of depression may be the cause of an ongoing illness, which is why early diagnosis is so important.

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People who suffer from SAD may find it difficult to stay happy and cheerful. The cold weather, less light, and holiday stress can cause seasonal depression. Fortunately, there are several treatments for this type of depression. You can talk to a mental health care provider to learn more about your symptoms. Using an artificial light therapy box can help you overcome the symptoms of SAD. The artificial light emitted by the box mimics sunlight.

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