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Dailymotion is a video-sharing technology platform. It is owned by Vivendi and launched in 2005 with Vice Media, Bloomberg and Hearst Digital Media as its launch partners. Today, Dailymotion has localized versions and is available in 43 languages. Localised versions feature localised content and home pages, allowing users to watch videos in their own language. Its popularity is increasing rapidly, and many users are using it to share their favorite videos and create a local community.

Founded just a month after YouTube, Dailymotion calls itself the number two video site on the internet. It has clung to its position by hosting content that YouTube won’t touch. It would be a huge deal for Marissa Mayer, as it would give Yahoo a greater presence in Europe and better-known content than its current video portal. But will Yahoo take the plunge? Only time will tell. However, the Dailymotion team is putting forth a new strategy for growth.

You can create as many videos as you like and choose whether they are public or private. You can choose between three settings – Public, Private, and Password Protected. Public videos can be viewed by anyone, while Private videos are viewable only by the uploader. Password Protected videos allow you to create a password that only you can use to view your videos. To protect your privacy, Dailymotion recommends that you use an antivirus program.

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