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What Is Care Everywhere?

Care Everywhere is a clinical data exchange tool that allows healthcare organizations to share their patient records with one another. It uses a probabilistic patient matching algorithm to facilitate the distribution of exchange-ready healthcare organizations. The care provider’s network is also automatically connected with a federated database of patients. Because of this, an individual’s information is not centralized, and the provider can manage their own privacy and security settings. Despite this, some providers still may opt out of Care Everywhere.

No separate implementation process is required

As an Epic Qualified Technology Solution, Care Everywhere can integrate with the Epic EHR and go live on eHealth Exchange and Care quality without undergoing a separate implementation process. As a result, it can connect with thousands of additional providers and healthcare organizations in an instant. Furthermore, because Epic doesn’t store protected health information, there is no need for a separate implementation process. And because the system is compatible with multiple EHRs, it doesn’t require a complex implementation process.

Can access patient records

Another advantage of Care Everywhere is its ability to provide patients with access to their records from other healthcare organizations. With a secure network, clinicians can access patient records from other providers and update them as necessary. This is particularly helpful for patients who have many medical conditions and bring thick folders containing a variety of documents. With Care Everywhere, clinicians can find the information they need quickly, and add notes to the record. The system also helps them share the information they need in emergency situations.

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