What Is a Highball Alcoholic Beverage?

A highball is a classic cocktail with a clean, simple taste that lets the spirits shine through. The best part about this iconic name tag is that there need not be much creativity around it. It is a benchmark in itself, just like gin & tonic is an exceptional cocktail.

A Highball Is a Simple Alcoholic Drink Made

A simple alcoholic drink made from one spirit plus a mixer (often soda, but it can be juice or other ingredients), highballs are usually served in tall glasses rather than short ones. The mixer can be carbonated or not.

A highball is typically an early-evening drink, which means you might have it before dinner or at happy hour. It’s also easy to make at home if you want to avoid the expense of going out for drinks altogether.

Examples of Highballs

A highball is a cocktail with a spirit, usually whiskey or gin, and club soda. Highballs are traditionally served in a tall glass with ice.

The most popular highballs include:

  • Gin & tonic
  • Rum and coke
  • Vodka soda
  • Whiskey and ginger ale

Highballs Are Also Known as Long Drinks

A long drink is a specific highball category, meaning it has a spirit and mixer. Like most other cocktails, long drinks are served with ice in tall glasses livechatvalue.

The most popular type of long drink is the gin and tonic. Still, many other cocktails fall under this umbrella term, including whiskey sours, vodka cranberry and rum Collins’s (the latter two variations on the classic old fashioned).

The gin & tonic is a classic British long drink that combines gin with lime juice, sugar and carbonated water. The recipe has been around since the 19th century, although it didn’t gain popularity until it was first served at the Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1851.

This Is How Authentic Highballs Are Made

A highball is a classic cocktail, typically made with two ounces of liquor and six ounces of the mixer. There’s no need for ice or mixers (like soda water or tonic), so these drinks are known as “straight-up cocktails.” Highballs are often served on the rocks and in a tall glass, but they don’t have to be; some versions are served in short glasses with an ice cube as garnish. While some people prefer not to use garnishes because they can detract from the drink’s flavour profile, this isn’t always the case—the best way to find out what works for you is by experimenting.

Simple Taste That Lets the Spirits Shine Through

Highballs are usually made with gin, rum, tequila, vodka or whiskey and can be served on the rocks or straight up. They’re also known as long drinks because they’re usually two ounces of liquor plus six ounces of mixer (like ginger ale) over ice.

If you’re looking for a simple cocktail with a clean, classic taste, then the highball is for you. They’re also easy to make: just pour your favourite spirit over ice and top it with club soda or ginger ale. Add some lemon or lime juice if you want something brighter and bolder.

Highballs may be right up your alley if you’re looking for a simple, classic cocktail that highlights the flavour of your favourite spirits. They can be made with any spirit or combination of spirits, and they’re easy to make at home because they don’t require too many ingredients or special tools.

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