Video SEO: 3 Tips To Rank First On Google

With so many content types available, video has proved to be one of the top successful ones. Due to this fact, platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are on the rise. Besides using external platforms seo agency Gold Coast  businesses also add video content to their website to bring more traffic and provide engagement. 

This has led to the need for a video SEO strategy which is another method of ranking high on Google. Check out some video SEO statistics to understand the importance of this option when it comes to building your digital presence. In the meantime, we’ll cover the basic tips to improve your video SEO and get better rankings on Google. 

Tips to boost your video SEO strategy and rank higher

Even if video SEO may sound like a really complex process, it’s not impossible. To simplify the strategy and planning, we’ve gathered some video SEO tips. 

1. Choose your video topics wisely

Just like you’d do keyword research for SEO purposes, you should implement this step when it comes to video content as well. To make your videos rank better on Google, make sure to share content on popular and highly-searched topics. One thing to keep in mind is whether your chosen topic will require a video or not. Usually, ‘how to’ types of questions would require a video so that the user can actually see how to do something.

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Additionally, to make your videos perform better, consider using special keyword research tools that will help discover and identify any topics your audience is interested in. Whether you’re a Google marketplace shopping member or run your website, keywords are the number one factor in ranking faster. 

2. Embed your video

What is embedding? It’s basically a snippet of code you add to your website that shows as a video. This helps you avoid the step of hosting the video file on your website.

It’s best to add the video you want to rank first if you’re embedding a few videos. Make sure to embed the video above the fold so that your website visitors won’t have to scroll all the way down. As part of SEO, this helps Google crawl your website and video content better. 

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3. Add a video transcript

Transcription is the process of translating your video’s audio into text. You can either use special software for this or hire a professional human transcriptionist. This is an important step because search engines can’t crawl your actual video. Instead, the transcript will help them understand the content of your video and rank it according to the keywords used. So, adding a transcript helps Google index and rank your videos. 

Moreover, video transcripts also help improve user experience as they’re interacting with your video. People, who can’t catch up with what the video is saying, can simply read the transcript instead. In the long term, this affects your overall website SEO performance and improves user interaction with your brand. 


Video SEO now sounds easier with these tips. In a nutshell, you should find the right topics for your audience, make an interesting video, and embed it on your website. As time goes by, you will have more and more engagement with your videos and improve your search engine optimization strategy.

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