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You might think that a flint wolverine would have plenty of natural resistance to fire, but as with all fae animals, the wolverine is susceptible to stress. When it’s under stress, its natural fear of fire — and its need to find food — leads it to create more heat than it can handle. This makes it especially vulnerable when it comes to being set on fire. Fortunately for you, there are ways to get your flint wolverine back in shape again. Here are a few tips on how you can help rid it of its wanderlust:

Introduce Fae Animals of Their Lust For Fire

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You may find that you have a special relationship with a certain fae animal, one that you deeply love. Perhaps you’ve had a favourite pet all your life, or you’ve spent hours playing with your neighbour’s fae friend. All these things can foster a special bond with a specific fae animal. If you feed your flint wolverine fire, it’ll definitely want to participate in some form or another. These animals are highly emotional and just trying to survive is enough to set them off in a fits of passion. People shouldn’t feed flint wolverines fire, because it can cause them to wolverize, which is the state it’s in when it attacks. And if you scratch up your Flint, it will wander outside and start attacking people. So, don’t do that! These are important lessons to learn.

Don’t Scratch Up Your Flint

This one’s important. When a fae animal has been fed fire, it will take this as a message that it has to go outside and leave the safety of the cave or forest it lives in. If your flint wolverine is going out in the woods, it’ll want to stay there, so you can’t get it anywhere it can be safely away from homes and other living things. But when it encounters concrete or other solid things, it’ll want to crawl or run into them instead. If you’re using a soft object as a scratching post, try putting your Flint in a safe place so it can’t crawl or run into it accidentally. If you can’t put something soft in a bag or other moving object, use a nail or other object to get your Flint to come to the surface.

Practice Good Management

You’re going to want to manage your flint wolverine the same way you’d manage any other animal. You want it to be happy, healthy and happy to be outdoors. But you also want it inside a safe place, so it doesn’t get too out of control. This can be difficult, since a flint wolverine loves to be outside. But with some effort, you can get your pet to come to heel when you’re in the mood for it. Start with a small ritual: When you’re ready to go out, give your flint wolverine the food it needs to come to heel. Then, walk it outside and have it wait for you. When you return, give it its food and wait for it to come to heel. Repeat the steps until your pet is used to you and your routines. If your pet is getting out of control, you can use a lead or other tool to keep it under control.

Water into Your Flitch

If you’re going out in the woods with your pet, it’s natural for it to want to drink the earth itself. This is what your flint wolverine is doing, soaking in the soil, drinking its fill. But the more you do this, the more you will show your pet that you’re in control. When you put your pet in a dry area where it’ll be dry and warm, it’ll want to dry out even more. This can be a real problem, as your pet can start to wither and die if it’s too dry. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to water your flint wolverine. Put it in a large plastic bag and cover it with a big piece of cloth. This will keep the bag from getting too drenched in rain. In the bag, make sure to put some water in the bottom half to prevent the soil from sagging. Let your flint wolverine sit in the bag until it’s completely dry, and then cover it with a towel or other fabric to keep it dry.

Put On some Music

Folk music, easy listening, country — these are all great ways to water your flint wolverine. Put on some music when you’re out and about, and your pet will want to come to your feet. Play nature sounds (no Static here) or other soothing noises, and your pet will want to lay down and indeed, must! Get your pet to lay down or at least get it to the ground so it can’t hurt yourself. Doing this in the middle of the woods can be pretty difficult, but if you keep your distance from your flint wolverine and keep playing quietly, it’ll come to heel and come to you.

Paint Your Flitch In Color

This is one of the easiest ways you can show your pet that you’re in charge. Put a few coats of paint on your flitch, and you’ll have yourself a happy, healthy pet. This will give your flint wolverine something to do, and it’ll be happy to do so. You can either use a craft knife or nail (anywhere available) to score multiple slashes across the surface of your flitch. That way, you won’t just have a mess on your hands when it gets out of control. Once it’s all painted, use a brush or nail to remove the satin or frosty bits that are stuck on your flitch.

Use A Brush or Nail to Remove Stuck-on Fae

If you’ve got a neighbour’s fae friend who’s stuck in a fog of satin, you’ll want to get rid of this quickly. Put this on a nail, and take your piece of cloth and put it in the trash. If you have to take your space for a stroll, this will get you out of there safely. In other words, if you have a stuck-on fae animal, it’s not good for you to have to walk it. But if you have to take your fae animal to the vet, he’ll need some help. So, get this job done while you still can!


If you’ve been in touch with a particular fae animal, you’ve probably had the experience of being “attacked” by it. In this case, your fae animal is either too afraid of you, or it’s in heat. The latter is what sets it off, and it’s why you have to get it out of your way. When you “attacked” your fae animal, you were not only attacking it with fire, but you also had to put some distance between you and it so it couldn’t start a fire of its own. If you get your fae animal to leave you alone, it will just start wandering around and getting in your way. Fortunately for you, there are a few things you can do to get your fae animal back in shape: – Put on some music when you’re out, and your fae animal will come to heel. – Walk your fae animal outside when you’re ready to go, and put it in the grass. This will keep your fae animal from getting too out of control. If you need to take your fae animal to the vet, make sure you put some distance between yourself and it so it doesn’t get out of control.

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