The Secret Weapon by Alexander King

Alexander King is a Secret Weapon in a new series

Alexander King is a former Navy SEAL and espionage thriller hero, now associated with a presidential candidate. Chased by traitors, he zeroes in on a sadistic terrorist, who may be hiding in the White House. As the president’s top advisor, he races to uncover a hidden war and neutralize the threat while weighing the consequences of a looming annihilation. The Secret Weapon is the first book in a new series that combines the concepts of GTD and Evernote. It syncs across both computers and smart phones.

Steps have to be taken by continuing the search

The Secret Weapon is a level 67 story quest that takes place in two locations: Allemantheia Headquarters and Celestial Hills. You begin the quest by speaking with Dougal in Allemantheia Headquarters, where you will be assigned to fight the Iron Thorn Orcans and finish the mission. However, you will need to do this before you can continue with the quest. After completing the mission, you’ll have to return to the embassy in the Celestial Hills and talk to the mysterious companion in the embassy.


After you finish the first mission, you can start The Secret Weapon. The Secret Weapon was originally a level 68 quest, but this was changed with the Exodor patch. You will start the quest in Allemantheia, and it takes you through two areas once you get there. You will first need to kill the Iron Thorn Orcans in the allemantheia headquarters, and then head to Celestial Hills to do the next mission.

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