The need for executive candidate sourcing tools for executive recruiting

Tech plays an important role, and the right executive search software system fills many gaps in the recruiting strategy.

When it comes to finding talent, the search begins on social media platforms for most executive recruiters. The best software for headhunters helps recruiters identify qualified executives, filter applications, and place the most skilled candidates.

Executive search firms need the right kind of candidate sourcing tools if this process is to be swift, efficient, and effective. As talent sourcing gets more competitive every year, head-hunters and their talent acquisition teams have begun to feel the need for a recruitment database software that can facilitate a more constructive hiring process.

Active vs passive candidate sourcing

Candidate sourcing is one of the primary tasks involved in hiring. Recruiters must identify and vet prospective candidates.

Where traditional recruiting focuses on hiring junior to mid-level employees, executive search is all about placing senior and c-suite executives in strategic roles.  In executive search, it is a bit more challenging because senior and c-suite executives are not always actively job-hunting. Nor are they easy to get access to like their junior colleagues.

The significance of executive-level recruiting lies in the fact that these top tier executives play a huge role in their companies’ growth, so it is vital that only high-calibre candidates are identified and placed.

This means that head-hunters cannot depend solely on executives who are active in the job search process. Most senior executives stay in their positions for many years. So, the number of executives actively looking to move is not as high as head-hunters would like. Hence, executives must expand their search for top talent and invest in passive candidate sourcing software.

A passive executive candidate is any individual who is not engaging in any job hunting activity. But this doesn’t indicate that these executives will not be interested if head-hunters approach them with interesting opportunities. However, it is up to the talent acquisition team to invest time and effort in passive candidate sourcing.

Using executive search software as the best executive candidate sourcing tool

Social media platforms, especially LinkedIn and Bloomberg, are what recruiters immediately turn to when they begin their search for suitable candidates. LinkedIn hosts millions of profiles and is popular among all recruiters. For recruiters who are looking for professionals with the right kind of credentials, LinkedIn is a great starting ground.

But there are drawbacks to talent sourcing from social media. For instance, it can be difficult to connect with the executive candidates on LinkedIn as they probably receive hundreds of messages and invitations to connect. Many people do not include their complete work history and educational qualifications in their social media accounts. It is also difficult to confirm whether the profiles are updated.

This is where AI-powered executive search software systems come in. They can act as good LinkedIn recruiter alternatives and a great passive candidate sourcing software. If head-hunters and their talent acquisitions teams want to find the best-qualified executives for the roles they are filling, they must apply and integrate such modern technology.

Competitive recruitment markets need the best competitive recruiting tools they can get. With the help of such executive recruitment database software systems, head-hunters will be able to quickly search for candidates with the exact set of credentials that they need to fill the roles. If you want to outsource HR you can contact a Global PEO.

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