The Barbell Jack Comes to the US and New Zealand

Serious fitness pros know the benefits and importance of mastering the barbell deadlift. The barbell deadlift exercise is essential for building strength and power in your legs, back, hip flexors, and core. It is one of the most popular exercises for serious gym-goers and the exercise most prone to inducing injury.  If you don’t use proper form during the deadlift, you can set yourself up for a painful back ache. In fact, just setting up for the exercise has a risk for potential injury. We all know the struggle of wrangling with a heavy plate while trying to fit it on the almost equally as heavy barbell. You not only strain your back from bending down so low while holding such heavy weight, but you also risk the barbell slipping and landing on your toes. Ouch. Yes, the struggle is real for us gym-rats and deadlift enthusiasts. Luckily, there’s the Barbell Jack.

The Barbell Jack

What is the Barbell Jack? The Barbell Jack is an innovative tool designed specifically for avid gym-goers to assist them in loading and unloading weight plates onto their barbell. The Barbell Jack works like a carjack to help lift and hold your barbell in place so you can safely load or unload your weight plates. The small deadlift jack fits easily in a gym bag so that it can be transported regularly from home to gym. For those who have unfortunately experienced injury from loading their barbell for a deadlift, the Barbell Jack will be a welcome gym tool. Instead of struggling to hold your barbell up while painstakingly inching a heavy plate onto it (all while bending at an excruciatingly awkward angle) this deadlift jack does half the work for you. Made from durable yet lightweight material, the Barbell Jack is strong enough to hold up to 250 kg (550 lbs) of weight on each side during a plate change. The makers of the Barbell Jack have partnered with leading global safety and quality control company Intertek to ensure customers a safe user experience.

How to Use the Barbell Jack

To use the Barbell Jack, simply hook the Barbell Jack onto the barbell on the side you want to load the plates. Once hooked, pull the Barbell Jack towards you until the bar is lifted off the ground with the Barbell Jack securely holding it. From here, you can now load or unload your barbell with the desired weight. You need not worry about holding your barbell while bending at an awkward angle to simultaneously change your plates. The Barbell Jack is made from durable Nylon and GF material that has been safety checked for harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Because of its compact size, you can transport your Barbell Jack from home to gym or wherever you like to get your workout in. It also makes a great addition to your home gym equipment and is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who like to workout solo. The Barbell Jack fits most barbells including some Hex bars. It was designed for ease and durability for both men and women to safely perform a barbell deadlift. The Barbell Jack allows workout fiends to focus their energy on the exercise move itself rather than exerting it during set-up.
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Why You Need the Barbell Jack

Lower back injuries from the deadlift exercise are one of the most common exercise-related injuries reported by athletes and gym-goers. The deadlift is a full-body exercise that focuses on back, leg, and core strength. Unfortunately, the exercise itself as well as the preparation for the move can cause strain on your lower back. You are more at risk for injury or strain the heavier your weights are or if you are not properly experienced with how to set up or perform the barbell deadlift. Lifting a heavy weight plate alone can cause serious strain to your back if you don’t know how to pick it up properly. Workout beginners should learn how to do the deadlift with the right form before attempting heavier weights. The Barbell Jack may be especially helpful for workout beginners because it reduces the risk of injury associated with setting the exercise up. Back injuries are painful and can take a long time to heal, setting back your fitness progress exponentially. Any minor step you can take to reduce your risk of injury will ensure a safer workout and faster fitness progress.

The Barbell Jack Now In the US and New Zealand

The makers of the Barbell Jack are excited to announce that they are now operating in the US and New Zealand as well as their home country of Australia. The Barbell Jack team worked for almost 2 years on the exercise tool’s innovative design with the goal of making the barbell deadlift exercise safer and easier for both experienced gym-goers and newbies. They consulted an experienced team of doctors, physical therapists, and fitness professionals to ensure their product was better than any other deadlift jack product on the market. From humble beginnings to worldwide expansion, the Barbell Jack is ready to share its benefits with fitness enthusiasts outside Australia to the US and New Zealand. You can check out the Barbell Jack company and learn more about their product by going to their website, Here you will find answers to any questions you may have as well as how to order the product for yourself. The Barbell Jack makes a great addition to your workout gear as well as a perfect gift for the fitness fiend loved one in your life. Now, US and New Zealand customers can look forward to their next deadlift session knowing that the Barbell Jack is there to keep them safe.
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