The 4 Key Components Of The Best Inflatable Kayaks

For any adventurer who enjoys roughing through the wild waters of the natural world, having access to the best inflatable kayaks is one of the most important factors before an adventure. There are many ways to get around when exploring the great outdoors, but none come close to the sensation and freedom that the best inflatable kayaks offer in terms of value, quality, and exploratory simplicity.

There are a number of factors that go into crafting the best inflatable kayaks as not all of them are created equally. Like so many things, the best inflatable kayaks will often come to the forefront of conversation and be associated with top quality materials, impressive buoyancy, and even more factors to provide the rider with the most comfortable experience possible.

This article will be exploring the 4 components we look for when browsing for the best inflatable kayaks for our recreational and serious exploring.

1) Durability & Reliable Materials

The foremost factor in determining the best inflatable kayaks is the material and overall durability of the vessel in question. Regardless of whether you’re buying one for recreational exploration or for more serious adventuring, the quality of the stitching and material will determine a lot about which vessel to purchase.

We’re fond of the more innovative tech-stitching technology that has been popping up in some of the best inflatable kayaks on the market recently, with double layered PVC protection providing a more tear-resistant and waterproofed experience.

2)   Simplicity Of Operation

No one wants to be caught out in the middle of the wild with a complex and overwhelming setup, whether it be in the inflation or deflation of the vessel. This is why the best inflatable kayaks are simple to maintain, operate, and pack up in a tiff.

Different creators will often have specifications for the optimal psi required for proper inflation so ensure you check these specifications before purchasing and make sure you have the adequate equipment to pump it up.

3)   Portability

The key factor in any adventurer’s mind is that of easy portability. No one wants to be bogged down by hefty and unnecessary weight. The portability and overall size of the vessel will determine its value to you of course, and the best inflatable kayaks have a tendency to be light, durable, and portable – making it the optimal adventurers vessel.

Whether it’s a touring vessel or recreational, the portability of the deflated vessel should be considered before purchasing, as well as the predominant use that the vessel will have.

4)   Pricing & Value

Affordability and overall value of the purchase will of course be a factor for anyone thinking of diving into water adventures. There are a number of fanciful examples of incredibly luxurious and spacious vessels to purchase – and while they are undoubtedly worth the money, it is important to ensure you have the adequate funds to make the purchase. Value is also determinable by the above components as the overall durability and conveniences offered will ultimately determine the value.

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