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What is the definition of love? What does it even mean? Does it matter whether you’re in love with your partner or not 7bnewcomernewcomer? These are some of the questions that arise when someone asks you about your feelings for a long time. It can be difficult to know what to say and how to answer. At times like these, we armchair researchers provide help by extrapolating from our experiences on other people’s walls. We ask ourselves these questions because it’s the only way to truly know whether or not we are in love with someone. Saying “yes” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in love with him/her. Sometimes saying “no” results in feeling hurt and betrayed because saying “no” means they aren’t interested in you as a person. Saying “yes” only means they want to be with you for their own reasons and not because you said “no” to them. It may take several interviews, heart-wrenching declarations, failed trysts, and tears from all concerned before anyone really knows if they are ready to put down the phone and date again (assuming there is any screen time left for that). Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about saying “yes”/no:

What is the definition of love?

When someone asks you, “What is love?”, what do you say? First, don’t respond with, “I don’t know.” Instead, say “yes”. Second, don’t respond with, “I love you” or “I’d love to be with you.” Instead, say “yes” and reply with something more specific like, “I love this person,” “That person makes me feel good,” or “That person makes me feel safe.” Finally, don’t respond with, “I hope you find someone else.” Instead, reply with something like, “I love you,” “I hope you find someone else,” or “This person makes me want to be a better person.”

Does it matter whether you’re in love with your partner or not?

This is the most crucial question to ask yourself because it’s the one that gets youanswers. Some people go into great detail about how they feel about their partner, but when it comes to how they feel about themselves, they don’t tell you what the numbers are. The thing is, the number one reason you’re in love with someone is because that person made you feel good and safe. If you’re in love with someone, you’re not just saying “yes” to this person because he/she made you feel good. You’re also saying “yes” to everything they stand for and everything they stand for in return. If he/she is obsessed with you, that means it’s not just a one-time thing. There’s something about someone who loves you that keeps coming back to you over and over again. Some people go into super-detailed accounts about how they feel about their partner because they want to be as specific as possible without giving away too many details. This is why you need to ask yourself, “Is saying ‘yes’ to this person worth it?”

What does it even mean?

It can mean many things. Some people will say “yes” to everything, while others will say “yes” to things but “not enough” or “never” to be in love with someone. The important thing is to know what it means to be in love with someone. There are many different types of sex, but in love there’s one thing that’s always important: communication. The more specific you are, the better it will go. If they don’t understand what you’re saying, then all they’ll get is words. If you have to say “yes” to everything, then communication is the key. If they don’t respond to your emails or texts, then get ready to suffer. Bad communication is the root of all problems. It’s so easy to get stuck in a pattern of “yes” and “no.”

Is saying “yes” to marriage proposals?

It’s almost sad to say this, but marriage is over. As soon as you say “yes” to marriage proposals, you put an end to any kind of long-term relationship. Yes, you’re free to say “yes” to anyone who asks, but you have to say “yes” to marriage proposals. If they don’t have a relationship with you, then there will never be a long-term relationship with you. You have to say “yes” to marriage proposals to make a relationship with them possible. If a proposal comes from a friend, then they can be your friend and you can say “yes” to it. If a proposal comes from a partner, then they can be your partner and you can say “yes” to it.

Should you say “yes” to marriage proposals?

If you think about it, it almost makes sense. If someone asks you “why” and you don’t know the answer, then they probably won’t ask again. If they ask you “why” and you don’t know the answer, you can expect to get a few chances before they leave you with an answer. It’s important to say yes to marriage proposals because it makes you feel safe. You can’t say “no” to a marriage proposal unless you’re very unsafe with someone. If someone asks you “why” and you don’t know the answer, then it will be harder for them to ask again.

The Bottom Line

The definition of love is a complicated and often misunderstood question. Finding out if you are in love with someone simple can be difficult. After answering this question, you’ll be able to begin to figure out your feelings for that person.

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