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Should Yoga Be Made a Part of Physical Education in Public Schools?

Yoga is making its way into public school districts around the country. The practice allows students to stretch, breathe, and focus on improving their bodies and minds. This can help students focus in school and gain the fitness benefits of yoga. However, some parents are skeptical of the practice due to its religious roots. So, should yoga be made a part of physical education in public schools?

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Yoga education is important for developing healthy habits

While it may seem like an unusual approach to physical education, many schools have already implemented yoga classes. One such school is the Accelerated School, a charter elementary school in south-central Los Angeles. The program is mandatory and is designed to foster healthy habits in young people. A study is being conducted at The Accelerated School this year to measure the effectiveness of the program. Researchers hope to expand yoga education programs across the country. In San Francisco, the United States Yoga Association has partnered with the San Francisco Unified School District to introduce yoga into 15 district schools. The school is expected to receive a Carol M. White grant this month. In addition to being a low-income area, is easy to teach. Teachers can teach yoga poses in gyms and cafeterias, and yoga mats can be bought at a discount. rexdlcom

Dealing with the epidemic of obesity

Should Yoga Be Made a Part of Physical Education in Public School? There is a good chance that yoga will become a permanent fixture in public school physical education. But is it really that easy to implement? In many cases, it’s very simple for any teacher to introduce it into their routine. In many cases, it is even free and requires no special training or equipment. It is also easy to find free curriculum for teachers to incorporate into their classes. While many public schools are not equipped for this type of program, many teachers have seen positive results. According to Staten Island Alive, a nonprofit organization called Time for Yoga has introduced yoga classes to schools in the island. During the sessions, time for yoga instructors explain the benefits of the practice. The group’s mission is to promote the benefits of yoga and to address the obesity


According to national surveys, nearly one-third of youth are obese and sedentary. These statistics are largely attributable to a lack of physical activity. By contrast, yoga is a form of mindful movement that requires no equipment. The practice is so beneficial that it is now part of public school physical education. Aside from providing a holistic health and fitness experience for students, yoga also improves mental and emotional well-being. acmarketnet


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