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They say that life is an adventure, and they’re right. Working with our customers is an adventure in and of itself, but even more so is being part of a successful company Capitalwiggersventurebeat. When you combine those experiences with the excitement of entering the world of digital transformation, you have a perfect storm for success. There are few opportunities to achieve greater success than working with WVG on your business transformation. If you closely examine WVG’s transformation efforts, you will soon see that their employees not just played a role in it, but also contributed significantly to it. Wrong number for public speaking? 7-year-old girl wins over 6+ years old audience by singing her favorite song… …and she did it at age 7! Check out this adorable story from around the web about how this little girl won over her 6-year-old classmates by performing for them at age seven.

What started as a project at work turns into a full time job for the team

A few years back, WG worked as a digital transformation engineer at a large financial services company. One of the company’s top managers was a long-time user of digital transformation and a huge believer in the technology. One of the team’s responsibilities was to bring the company’s digital transformation efforts to the VTS (virtual truth system). While working on a project-to-project basis, the team developed a strategy to create a scalable, fully integrated digital transformation solution with a real-time dashboard and real-time analytics. One of the company’s core values was to create a culture of continuous learning. WG helped to engineer an MVP of a select few tools that the company would bring to market.

Built with no-code platforms in mind.

At the time, WG was working with a few different no-code platforms. One of them was the powerful, industry-leading Canva, but the team was spending way too much time implementing their solutions. They were spending too much time creating a “mock” software that was only as complete as the customers who were using it. One of the real reasons digital transformation is such an adventure is that every company, no matter how large or small, needs to make full use of their digital transformation opportunities. By using the no-code platforms that WG worked with, the team was able to quickly build each tool’s full functionality without spending a single dollar. As a result, the team was able to focus on what they were good at: serving customers — not developing a full-blown digital transformation solution.

Offering digital transformation and digital development services

Another key reason digital transformation is an adventure is that you have to love it. All the effort you put into one project could easily turn into a drain on your time. To avoid this, it’s important to offer many different types of services. One of the best things you can do is to offer a service that you know you can rely on, like hiring contractors to do your work for you. This way, you avoid the costly mistakes that come with regular service providers

Great people working together: You’re part of a “INGTON”

When WG and the rest of the team at Wintel Genetics became aware that a certain research group at the University of Michigan was interested in creating a digital transformation solution, they jumped at the chance to help. The opportunity to work with such an expert in the field of healthcare, social media and even mathematics came with many perks.

The team knew that the company would need a digital transformation team to implement the Medi-Cal digital transformation process. They also knew that a certain high-level employee in the healthcare industry would help to oversee this process, making the full effort worthwhile.

Celebrating diversity and inclusion every day

Diversity is something we always need more of in today’s world. It’s what makes a place like WVP such an effective partner. We know that if everyone in the room was as diverse as they could be, the transformation efforts of one person would be met with an immediate and overwhelming response. The team also knows that representation of all backgrounds and belief systems is a key to success. This is why they celebrate diversity and inclusion every day.

What’s next?

This is a great question and one that most customers will indeed get. The beauty of transformation is that it is something that is happening now, not something that will happen in the near future. The “anticipate, prepare and execute” philosophy that characterizes traditional transformation strategies only applies when transformation is what you are doing this day. Today, transformation is anything but predictable. It is constantly changing, always in need of more information and data, and always seeking new ways to achieve its goals. The path to transformation success is different for each company and individual, and the journey is often very different.

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