Pur makeup brushes reviews

This product is made of plastic such as handle and Bristol rubber

The newest addition to the collection of Pure brushes is the fiber free brush, which incorporates fiber as an integral part of the applicator. The handle and bristles of this product are made from rubber-like plastic. Designed to work with all types of materials, this brush has no fiber to lose and is great for a variety of purposes. The soft, supple bristles also make for easy application. In addition to being cruelty-free, these brushes are also designed to be easy to clean.

This brush is a great choice, suitable for eyeshadow and eyebrow makeup.

The new range of 100% Pure brushes features a great selection of precision and blending brushes, which are perfect for eyeshadow and brow makeup. All brushes are manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers, which is great for the environment. The Angled Contour Brush is especially good for applying highlighter, while the Smudger brush helps to blend eyeshadow without overscrubbing. There are also a variety of other 100% Pure brushes in different sizes.

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You can use it for any eye shadow

The medium version is designed with a soft bristle that makes it ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas. Unlike traditional brushes, you can use this one for any type of eye shadow, no matter how small or large. The angled contour brush helps you apply highlighter precisely, while the Smudger Brush helps you blend your eyeshadow. Whether you’re looking for a brush for blending and applying eyeshadow, you’ll find a 100% Pure brush to meet your needs.

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