Pipe Clamps: The Buyer’s Guide

Pipe clamps are frequently employed to support pipes that are suspended. The term “pipe clamps” refers to bolted circular or semicircular pipe attachments that tightly clamp around a pipe and join the pipe to other assembly parts for proper support. The loads from the piping system are transferred to the structure by these piping clamps. There are various sorts of clamps on the market that you can use depending on your needs when building something. So, here in this article, we will help you to know more about Pipe Clamps. Let’s find out.

What are Pipe Clamps?

Pipe clamps are a special type of fastener that can be used to secure cables, hoses, and pipes. Pipe clamps are a practical and simple method for holding down hoses, tubes, and piping in any form of terrestrial or marine installation. They are intended for use in plumbing and water applications Itsmypost.

There are two types of pipe clamps in use worldwide. The first is a traditional pipe support clamp, which consists of a half-round piece of flat stock with holes on each end and a piece of round stock in the shape of a horseshoe with threads on both ends. A flat band clamp is the second kind of pipe clamp. Stainless steel exhaust pipes are the main use for this kind of clamp, which is designed to seal the junction without changing the pipe’s shape.

Types of Pipe Clamps

There are many different types of piping clamps used in industrial applications, depending on the purpose, materials, function, use, etc. Also, there are common pipe support clamps and hangers that can be installed to hold down the pipe for thermal and dynamic stresses as well as sustain dead weight loads. Here is a brief explanation of a few of the different pipe clamps types.

  • Riser Pipe Clamps

Without using hanger roads, riser pipe clamps are utilized to support lines. By placing the clamp’s two ears on the ground or another structural support, the pipe loads are transferred. These pipe clamps are not suitable for use at higher temperatures.

  • Yoke-Type Pipe Clamp

Yoke-type pipe clamps are used to hang horizontal, insulated high-temperature pipes. These particular pipe clamps can support pipes with insulation between 4 and 6 inches.

  • Three-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Pipe clamps with three bolts are used to support insulated lines transporting high-temperature fluids. To fit the third bolt, which enables attachment of the pipe clamp outside the insulation, the length of the clamps on top of the pipe is extended. Three-bolt pipe clamps have a substantially larger load-carrying capacity than two-bolt pipe clamps.

  • Two-Bolt Pipe Clamp

Hanging bare pipes without insulation requires the use of two-bolt pipe clamps. They often have a limited capacity for carrying loads.

  • U-Clamps

The most popular kind of pipe clamps are U-clamps. Small bore pipework makes heavy use of U-bolts. Small bore piping systems, serve as rest+guide+hold down or rest+guide+hold down+line stop. As the piping loads grow with the increase in pipe sizes, the application of pipes with a diameter larger than 8 inches is significantly limited.

  • Rigid Clamps

Rigid clamps have a straightforward design and are typically constructed of steel or iron. They are readily screwable and are offered as single-body or two-piece pipe clamps.

  • Cushioned Pipe Clamps

These kinds of pipe clamps, which limit metal-to-metal contact by containing a cushioning material, aid in preventing galvanic corrosion. These pipe clamps, which are frequently used for bare pipes, should be chosen based on the pipe temperature because the cushioning material should be able to withstand that temperature.

  • Adjustable Pipe Clamps

These piping clamps, which are often made of steel, plastic, or aluminum, can be adjusted to fit the needed pipe diameter. According to the pipe OD, they can be simply tightened or loosened. These kinds of pipe clamps are economical since they may be used generically on pipes of various diameters.


Pipe clamps come in a range of designs and finishes, and they are made of a variety of materials. Metallic pipe clamps are very impact resistant and come in a variety of finishes, including a dazzling, glossy finish, heat-resistant coatings, epoxy coatings, a plain appearance, hot-dip galvanizing, and painting. Pipe clamp manufacturers are currently focusing on practicability and originality newslookups.

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