Omar Yunes Explains How to Revitalize Your Waning Fitness Resolution

March is typically the month for lapsed New Year’s Resolutions, says gym owner Omar Yunes.

Around one out of four Americans made a New Year’s resolution for 2022, and YouGovAmerica says 86% are optimistic about doing the same or better than last year. Some of the most popular resolutions this year were living healthier (23%), feeling happier (21%), losing weight (20%) and exercising more (7%). All of those things can be addressed with a regular workout plan, says Omar Yunes. As CEO of 54D, he knows what it means to achieve goals and change habits. His Miami franchise is grounded in a program that takes no excuses and demands full commitment.

“Most people dread getting into a workout routine,” he says. “You start out tired and sore. However, your body starts to change, and you find more energy, you lose weight, you get toned, you feel stronger—but you have to push through the hard times.”

People who started 54D at the beginning of January are just wrapping up their program. He says starting round two will help them build on all of that hard work. He recommends people who made a health and fitness resolution join a program now as well.

According to the University of Scranton, research has found that around 77% of resolution makers are successful for the first week, but only 19% stayed on board for more than a year.

Omar Yunes says he believes the problem is in making a resolution instead of a goal. “When you set a goal, you have a specific thing you are trying to achieve, and you have a strategy for doing it,” he says. “A resolution like ‘living healthier’ doesn’t really mean anything because it is so vague. Am I living healthier if I eat an extra piece of broccoli a week? What if I hit the gym 3x a week but still eat fast food 5x a week? Those are fine goals to set if that’s what you are aiming for, but I think it’s extremely important to define exactly what you are trying to do.”

He says that joining a demanding fitness group can give you a long-term goal to follow. “Ultimately, you are going to stop feeling motivated to change,” Omar Yunes explains. “It’s only natural that your inspiration and energy towards this change are going to dwindle. At some point, you are going to want to fall back into old habits. You need to rely on your determination to see your goal through and not your feelings.”

There are two onsite locations for 54D in Miami. Omar Yunes says there is also the newer online option for those who prefer remote or don’t live in the Miami area. “We are in the business of breaking down barriers and destroying excuses,” he says. “The psychical and emotional transformation after 54 days is something incredible to behold. Our program goes beyond just toning the body. Unlike most gyms facing the New Year’s surge, we count on our members to be here past March.”

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