Is CrossFit Really That Good?

Do you have a friend, co-worker, or classmate who happens to be a gym enthusiast? In that case, it is more likely that their socials are full of sweaty selfies bragging and professing their love for CrossFit!

It is not wrong to say that CrossFit is one of the most popular workouts of time. According to the 60 Minutes, CrossFit is a global phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of devotees, 12,000 box gyms, and a full-body workout that give you a superhero vibe.

No doubt, there are loads of things to love about CrossFit. From intense workouts in a short time frame to interval training and weights to challenging your muscle and building fitness – CrossFit looks like a dream regime.

However, despite its popularity, what’s worth exploring is CrossFit that good? Another question that you must ask is whether CrossFit is suitable for everyone?

So here’s our two cents on CrossFit. Like any other workout, CrossFit has its benefits and also some reservations. So let’s dig in!

The Risk of Injury is Higher!

No, it’s not a typo! in case you are wondering, this is not our claim but, in fact, a proven fact by various studies. When it comes to Crossfit, the injury risk is unavoidable.

According to a 4-year study conducted in 2018 by Kennesaw State University researchers, around 30% of the CrossFit participants were exposed to some injury over 12 months period. The study showed that our shoulders, back, knees, elbows, and wrists injuries are more common among CrossFitters. In addition, it was also revealed that people who do Crossfit training between 3 to 5 days per week are more prone to injuries. That’s why the researchers made caution against too frequent Crossfit training.

Another study states that the injury risk is higher for CrossFit than for traditional weightlifting due to the intensity of the workouts. According to the study, some participants are more likely to “push themselves beyond their physical fatigue limit and may lead to technical form breakdown, loss of control, and injury.”

CrossFit and Paleo Diet Go Hand in Hand!

The secret to CrossFit success is more than just a workout regime. CrossFit is a whole different lifestyle. With that being said, one key element of CrossFit is eating right. The best diet for CrossFitters is the one that gives them enough energy while keeping their calories in check, so hence they can lose/maintain weight. And the only diet that fits this description and is recommended by the official CrossFit page is the “Paleo diet,” also known as the “Cavemen diet.” The Paleo diet focused on consuming meat and vegetables.

While the Paleo diet helps to avoid processed food (wheat, potato chips, etc.), the Paleo diet concept is somewhat prehistoric. Every CrossFitter claims the risk of various cardiovascular diseases; however, the evidence suggests otherwise. Another drawback of the Paleo diet is its exceptionally restrictive nature, crossing dairy, beans, and other common charts.

However, scientists have notified that the Paleolithic era never had a one-size-fits-all diet concept. In the Paleolithic era, humans consumed a wide range of flora and fauna as a substitute that fulfilled the nutritional needs of foods like dairy, beans, etc. In addition, it is also believed that as we have evolving nutritional needs, our diet should also evolve.

According to Michael Zemel, chief scientific officer for the biotechnology company NuSirt Sciences, reported by  Metro Pulse in 2013: “We were designed, from an evolutionary perspective, to nourish ourselves and live long enough to reproduce and raise our young to the point where they could be self-sustaining, which, back in the day, would have been the teenage years.”

Is CrossFit for Everyone?

It is an interesting question with a different opinion spectrum. Some believe that despite the undeniable benefits of CrossFit, this fitness regime might not be for everyone. People with health conditions, or a history of injury, should not start CrossFit training without consulting their doctors. Although the intensity of the CrossFit workouts might be intimidating to some, many people claim that it is a wholesome fitness regime designed for everyone. According to Judah Boulet, a level 3 CrossFit trainer and owner of No Risk CrossFit in Smithfield, RI, CrossFit is “open to every individual, relative to their fitness ability.” He adds, “What’s intense to me might not be intense to you.” He also says, “We have people work out to their relative intensity so that anyone can do CrossFit because of that.”

Ending Notes!

Whether you are a CrossFit pro or a beginner looking to start, it is best to work out with an instructor rather than online workout videos. Moreover, CrossFit aims to create a community. So it is recommended to join a proper CrossFit class or a boxing gym rather than working out alone at your home gym!

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