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How to Use a Face Mask

Use a mask that balances your oil levels and moisturizes dry areas

The use of a face mask can improve the condition of your skin and can help you maintain an even complexion. For the best results, use a mask that balances your oil levels and brings moisture to dry areas. Honey and orange juice are both good options, and can be used as a mixture for a brightening mask. To make it more effective, add one tablespoon of raw honey per three tablespoons of orange juice.

The active ingredients make it even harder for them to reach

Before applying your face mask, make sure your face is clean. Uncleansed skin traps dirt and impurities and forces them deeper into your pores, making it more difficult for the active ingredients to reach them. You can also apply dampness according to the directions on your mask. Some masks will spread more evenly if you are damp, and some will allow the ingredients to penetrate better when your skin is warm. You should follow the instructions carefully to get the best results.

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First, make sure to cleanse your face. You can either do this at the sink or shower, depending on your preference. You can also choose to wash your face while the mask is on, but this can be tricky because the water can run through the mask before it has a chance to set. If you do decide to wash your facial skin in the shower, make sure you rinse it thoroughly afterwards. You can also apply a face mask on your neck to give your face a glow and make it look more radiant.

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