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How to Make Your Home More Private

Most homeowners will take extreme measures to ensure their home is safe from intruders. However, when it comes to privacy, most of us are a little more relaxed about the rules. Here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled our top tips on how to make your home more private. We Provide Safe, Family Friendly Rodent control Methods.

Install a Secure Fence Around the Property

Adding a fence to your home is a great way to increase privacy in your home. When it comes to spending time in your back garden, there is nothing worse than when your home is overlooked by neighbours or passersby in the street- therefore a fence is a great way to instill some privacy into your home and ensure that any unwanted eyes or intruders are kept out.

Tint Your Windows

Although our windows are supposed to be a way for us to open the space in our homes and let sunlight into them, they also provide the perfect opportunity for prying eyes to look into your home and get a full view of what you have in your home and what’s going on. Therefore, tinting your windows is a great way to compromise and have the best of both worlds- ensuring that sunlight still gets in but that prying eyes are kept out of your home.

Be Creative with Your Landscaping

If you’re thinking about adding a fence to your outdoor area, then this isn’t the only way for you to make sure your garden area is more private. An additional way to ensure that the space is more private is to start being creative with your landscaping, as you can customise the outdoors to make it as hidden as possible. You could plant tall shrubbery to disguise the fence line and make it harder for people to peer over. Additionally, if you want more than visual privacy, fountains are a great way to create ambient noise.

Add Technological Security Measures

A great way to ensure that you have security at home is to make sure that no one is coming near your home unless you want them there. Therefore, implementing technological security measures such as cameras, ring doorbells and an automatic gate will be extremely effective to reducing the number of intruders or unwanted guests in your home.

Build a Pergola in the Garden

Not only are they an excellent addition to the garden, but Pergola’s are the perfect way to add some privacy to your home- especially if you have neighbours who love to peer over the fence. By adding a Pergola, it’s the perfect way to add in some shade for those sunnier days and an added feature for your patio area, but also provide a plethora of privacy as realistically, no one will be able to see over them. Furthermore, Pergola’s have curtains which draw down and provide even more privacy.

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