How to Earn Quality Backlinks With Guest Posting

You can find publications that allow guest posts and write your posts there. While blog commenting is an effective way to build links, it is less effective than guest posting. You should search for publications that accept guest posts, and ask for backlinks from them. Backlink analysis tools are an excellent way to find high quality links. Listed below are some tips on how to earn quality backlinks with guest posting.

Blog commenting is not as effective as other link-building strategies

While blog commenting is not as effective as other link building methods, it is still a good way to get high-quality backlinks. It is an effective way to create relationships with website owners, which can lead to guest posts and other valuable backlinks. If you have an active blog, commenting on other blogs can send hundreds of visitors to your site. The downside is that blog commenting requires extra work, so you might want to save it for more complex strategies.

When you leave comments on popular authority blogs, you should make sure to read the content of the blog. If you link to questionable resources, your comment will become irrelevant. Instead, read the content of the post and add relevant information. Avoid spammy language, rude language, and posting irrelevant comments. Focus on the content of the blog and respond with value. If you’ve found a good blog post, leave a meaningful comment.

You can also use blog commenting to build relationships with website administrators and users. Make sure to leave useful comments that are relevant to your niche. This will make your comment more likely to be noticed and appreciated. Although blog commenting isn’t as effective as other link-building methods, it’s still a good option. Using a link explorer tool to find your competitors’ backlinks is an excellent way to gain more insight.

Finding publications that accept guest posts

Creating high-quality content for guest posting is important for earning quality backlinks. A good rule of thumb is to keep your content between three and four paragraphs. Each of them should contain your target anchor text and contextually relevant links. Use different anchor text whenever possible – always try to avoid using the same keyword in the same backlink. Also, make sure to use various anchor texts, ranging from generic to specific.

Searching Google for publications that accept guest posts is a good place to start. Try using keywords related to your industry or niche to find blogs that accept guest posts. Try to find a blog that has clear guidelines and lists previous guest posts by writers in your field. If possible, get to know other prolific guest bloggers in your industry and learn from their work. This way, you can avoid the frustration of writing low-quality articles for sites that reject your submission. But here is the good solution for you and you can Publish Guest Post on

In addition to looking for publications that accept guest posts, check to see if the site has a profile page on its site. Guest author pages should have a profile picture and bio that’s visible above the fold. Make sure that the engagement level on the site is high, as it could mean a good backlink for you. Always remember that guest posting on the wrong site can hurt you.

Asking for backlinks with guest posting

If you want to ask for quality backlinks with guest posting, the most important thing is to be useful to your target audience. You will get more exposure to your audience, gain more visibility and improve your brand value if you write for others. In addition, guest posting will increase your domain authority. The next step is to pitch your guest posting idea to a potential guest post site. There are many different ways to approach a potential guest post site.

First of all, check the backlink profile of the website you want to guest post on. Does it contain good and low quality links? If so, you’re on the right track. If not, move on. It’s better to go with a site that has a high quality backlink profile and avoid those that have poor or toxic links. After you have gathered a list of sites, start contacting them and ask to guest post on their websites.


When approaching guest post sites, use advanced search operators to find the most relevant blogs. Generally, blogs with high domain authority (DA) will give you more SEO impact. Moreover, higher Domain Authority means more readers of your guest post. Try to target high-ranking websites for your guest posts. Also, try to establish real-world connections with your potential guest post site. Once you’ve reached the right site, you can ask them for quality backlinks with guest posting.

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