How to Bet on Sabong?

How to Bet on Sabong?

Sabong, or cockfighting, is a popular sport in the Philippines. According to historians, it has a long and illustrious history that precedes the advent of the conquerors. Sabong’s mechanics and purpose are basic. Before pitting two gamecocks against one another, they are encouraged to battle to the death. Some individuals see cockfighting as a brutal and gruesome sport. For others, this activity is intriguing, and many are learning how to wager on Sabong to maximize their enjoyment. 

Betting on Sabong 

You do not need to understand the intricate sabong betting jargon to appreciate this sport. In contrast with different games, there are no intricate over/under or prop wagers to consider. When learning how to wager on sabong, you should know that there are two roosters in the center. The ‘llamado’ is the fan favorite, the rooster expected to win based on its appearance or breed. 

The opposition team is called the “dejado” and has a reduced probability of winning the match. Like traditional sports betting, placing your money on the “llamado” will increase your chances of winning the wager. However, the compensation is somewhat less. Choose “dejado” if you’re searching for some risk with more significant profits.

Ultimately, the odds determine your payment under the sabong betting methods. The chances in sabong begin with “sampu siyam” or ten percent and may increase to “walo” or colors for twenty percent, “anim” for thirty percent, and finally “tress” for fifty percent. There are times when the rooster’s chances are “doblado,” or 100 percent. Check out www.okbetcasino.live for the highest offer in Sabong gaming. 

Sites that you can Bet in Sabong 

Online Sabong is now the most popular online betting game in the nation. With COVID-19 still in circulation, the Internet is the most popular hobby, and the Sabong Industry is one of the areas that has acquired the most from the lockdown. Let’s start your Online Sabong adventure with the most excellent Legitimate Online Sabong Websites list.

The Philippine okbet online casino platform is licensed and controlled by a recognized offshore government. Citizens of the Philippines are permitted to play online lawfully. Through official offshore internet casino websites, Filipinos have access to a range of legal gambling entertainments available in the Philippines, including slots, baccarat, roulette, poker, sabong, and sports betting.

They have compiled a list of legal online casino games you may play at OKBET Online Casino in the Philippines. OKBET’s Sportsbook now offers wagering on prominent sports you may be interested in, continue reading to discover more about OKBET.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation manages and authorizes OKBET as a registered trademark. More than 1,500 games are highlighted by the OKBET betting site each week. In addition to online gaming, it covers popular sports for online wagering, including significant football organizations and ball events. They can cover a variety of sports, including football, basketball, cricket, and e-sports.

  • Betwinner

Betwinner provides you with all the tools and information necessary to enhance your online sports betting experience. The software allows you to make wagers on almost all sports, including the Sabong, and finish these transactions. 

Additionally, the section’s high-quality and dependable cashiers show attention to professionalism. As a site client, you have plenty of payment choices. You have the option between e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and bank transfers. You can count on free, instant, and highly secure transactions with any payment method.

Its professionalism and access to premium betting tools make it an excellent online option. If you’re seeking a reputable site for sports betting in the Philippines, you should try this site.


In the Philippines, sabong betting is standard, especially in rural areas. The local government entities authorize the hosting of sabong for important events and celebrations. In addition, the country often hosts the World Slasher Cup, which promotes the “Olympics of cockfighting.” Given the popularity of these regulated events, it is not unexpected that many individuals continue to engage in sabong betting.


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