How to Be the Best Personal Trainer Sydney Has to Offer During the Pandemic!

So, as a personal trainer, you want to be the best personal trainer Sydney has to offer or perhaps the best personal trainer Melbourne has to offer. This is probably not just for the sake of business competition and financial success, but out of his desire to truly help people feel better physically, emotionally and mentally as well as be more confident and enjoy greater longevity. You want to give the gift of health to people by motivating and guiding them, and that is an admirable thing you may have been doing this job for quite some time, you may already be quite successful, but the necessary isolation of this pandemic has, as with for many services out there, throw in a bit of a wrench into the works hasn’t it?

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I can hear you sighing from here, because I know for a fact you are every bit as tired of hearing about this pandemic as I am of discussing it. The thing is, though, even when the pandemic itself is long gone, an aversion to physical gatherings and in-person socialization will be prevalent for quite some time. While annoying to the social butterflies of the world, it’s probably for the best. We didn’t learn our lesson the last time, 100 years ago, that a pandemic like this in this, hopefully this time, we will. Current generations are less and less interested in physical outings and social gatherings anyhow, considering the Internet to be just as good of a hangout platform for anything the Internet can offer anyhow.

So, where does that leave you if you want to be the best personal trainer Sydney has to offer? Well, let’s take a brief second to truly understand how this pandemic works. The social distancing concept, wherein we give everybody a decent berth when physically around them, does in fact work because this pandemic while airborne does not spread very far. At least, on paper, it doesn’t. It also doesn’t spread very well from physical contact or shared contact of surfaces. It mainly is contracted by being within a range and be breathed on, and inhaling it. It is initially a rhinovirus, similar to the flu or the common cold, just far nastier and more potentially deadly to some. Most people whom do contract this virus, however, will simply have a bad time, but that’s enough to definitely avoid it.

You have 2 basic options, if you want to be the best personal trainer Melbourne has to offer, during this insular time in our history. The first option is to require all of your clients to work out outdoors, away from crowded areas. Provided you have the space to keep your physical distance just as you would with anyone else, nature is still pretty safe. However, not unlike myself, a great many people aren’t fond of the outdoors, preferring to work out in their garage were in their house. It’s not really a safe idea to be physically present for this, especially if you have multiple clients in a day’s time. In these cases, all you really need is a voice and video chat program, a smart phone and for your client have a basic biometric smart watch so you can monitor their vitals. It may not have quite the impact that physical presence does, but you can render the same services, and is generations are born, this will just be the norm.

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