How Does Calisthenics Affect Human Height? 

With the average height decreasing with the coming generations, people are resorting to non-sense pills and whatnot products for increasing height. Believe it or not, you cannot trust all the things available with marketing gimmicks without no real proof of height gain. So, let’s undo this and opt for healthy habits that still have a chance to increase your height. In this guide, we have discussed some top calisthenics exercises that can improve your height naturally. When we speak naturally, you will surely witness no side effects of anything except a sculpted body shape!

Top Exercises For A Toned Body And Sturdy Posture

Bar Hang

As the name suggests, you have to hang on a horizontal bar that is mounted above your height level. The height level of the bar should be adjusted so that you can hang on it with a straight back and arms. You have to grab the bar with your hands and keep them wide apart at a distance more than your shoulder width. Once you grab the bar, hang there for a few seconds and then release the bar. This exercise utilizes gravity and your body weight to build your upper body muscles besides stretching your spine. You can increase the intensity by increasing the hanging time.

Cobra Stretch 

Cobra stretch is one of the easiest exercises to perform and is included in calisthenics for beginners programs. You can perform this exercise anytime and anywhere. Just lie down on the ground with your chest facing toward the ground. Now place your hands on the sides of your chest and lift your upper body by raising the torso. Make sure you don’t move your legs or hips. The exercise indulges your back and core muscles and improves your overall body health. 

Back Bridge 

Performing the back bridge correctly can become overwhelming if you are new to the world of calisthenics. However, by practicing, you can train your body to master the technique. The exercise is quite beneficial for your spine. Besides this, it is a compound exercise that focuses on several muscle groups and allows you to train them simultaneously. 

You have to lie flat on the ground with your back facing the ground. Now, bend your knees and keep your hands on the side of your head, maintaining a shoulder-width distance between them. Now lift your back to create an arch and support your body weight on your toes and palms. 

Standing Toe Touch 

Standing toe touch is a beginner-friendly calisthenics exercise. It focuses on your spine, calves, and hamstrings. Just bend your upper body keeping your arms straight and extended. Now try to touch your toes to bend to a point where you can reach them easily. You may not touch your toes right away. However, with practice, your body flexibility level will rise, and you will be able to touch them. 

Some Last Words

You will love doing these exercises whenever you can since they fit well in all types of school/work routines. In case it is your first time doing calisthenics, we recommend that you must follow the instructions well to not hurt yourself and not overdo anything. Calisthenics Worldwide explains all the basics properly and offers good training regimes so that you can master all the variations.

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