How Can Recruiters Take Advantage Of Modernizing Their Hiring Process With QR Codes?

Following the great resignation that happened in the final quarter of 2021, recruiters and Human Resource managers are now pressured to fasten their hiring processes by their companies.

As they are rushing their hiring processes, many recruiters are now incorporating modern technological tools and software to automate the way they filter the applications they receive during the hiring season.

And by using one, most tech-savvy recruiters are modernizing their recruitment process and application validation using QR codes.

Through the availability of a QR code generator online, recruiters can integrate one to fasten their recruitment process and track the number of applicants that scan their QR codes and send their applications.

How can recruiters upgrade their recruitment processes with QR codes?

If you are new in the recruitment sector and are looking for a tremendous automating means to fasten your recruitment process with QR codes, here are the following ways QR codes can help you improve your recruitment processes.

1. Set a time-bounded recruitment QR code 

When creating a job online, many recruiters face one issue: the need to set the job post’s expiration manually. With most recruiters busy with their work and sometimes forgetting to turn off the job post they create, some applicants are still sending out their applications even after the position is filled in already.

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To remedy this issue, some recruiters are using a QR code expiry feature to set the expiration of the QR code for hiring they place on their hiring boards offline and online. They do it by selecting the date of expiry.

The advancement of using one is that they can update the content and expiry date of the QR code used for hiring for other roles.

2. Let applicants connect to your company’s social media accounts

Suppose your company is active online, and you entertain queries using the company’s social media platforms. In that case, QR codes are the perfect tool for you to use when compiling all your social media links and let applicants select which social media outlet they should use to reach out and start asking more about the job opening.

3. Lead applicants to a video description of the job you are seeking

To better let your applicants understand the role they will be applying for, recruiters can add a video about the job and the tasks they need to accomplish. You can quickly onboard and anticipate the applicants about the role by simply converting the video into a QR code.

They can easily place the QR code in their recruitment resources and let interested applicants scan them and view the video before sending their applications to your hiring post.

4. Let the recruit scan a QR code to get redirected to a PDF file about the company and its policies

To quickly onboard your recruit to the next phase of the recruitment process, you can easily send a QR code of a file they will need to follow when moving on to the following recruitment process.

Recruiters can use a QR code generator with logo online to convert their files into a QR code and personalize its design by adding their logo, frame, and call to action to it.

5. Direct recruits to send you an email via scanning a QR code

Suppose a recruit has an urgent question about the interviews you will be conducting with them after sending their credentials and portfolio. In that case, recruiters can incorporate QR codes to direct recruits to compose an email and send it directly to them without opening the email app on their smartphone device and manually entering the email address in the send-to-field.

They can add it to their recruitment print pages such as newspapers, recruitment spaces in government and public boards, and pamphlets.


As finding a job can be challenging for most jobseekers, the number of applications a recruiter receives on their end is can be overwhelming and difficult to entertain and segregate.

Because most of them are having a hard time entertaining and selecting which ones they should include in the following interview phase, intelligent recruiters are now incorporating QR codes to streamline their recruitment processes and automatically filter the applications they receive alongside other hiring aid tech tools they integrate. You can visit this site moviesverse for more information. For more information visit this site fresherslive

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