Evaluating the Addition of Hatha Yoga in Cardiac Rehabilitation

The addition of hatha yoga to cardiac rehabilitation is a viable option for improving patient health and QOL. According to a recent review, it improved physical function and reduced perceived stress and improved quality of life. The researchers hope to continue to evaluate the benefits of a cardiac rehab program that incorporates hatha yoga. This article will provide more information about this form of exercise and how it can be implemented to improve patient care.

Improves stress

To evaluate the effectiveness of hatha yoga in cardiac rehabilitation, researchers looked at three studies. The first evaluated hatha yoga as an adjunct to exercise and other exercise. Secondly, it had a positive impact on patients’ quality of life. A separate study, by Bussing et al., found that it improved patients’ perceived stress and improved their quality of life. Another review looked at the addition of hatha yoga to cardiac rehabilitation. In this study, the researchers looked at a cardiac rehab center that offered a hatha yoga course. The program was limited to ten participants and would last for 60 minutes per day. The three components of hatha yoga are breathing practices, stretches, and meditation. This type of exercise promotes self-awareness and listening to the body.

Yoga can benefit patients

A third study looked at the effect of hatha yoga on patients with chronic heart failure. The authors found that the addition of hatha yoga to cardiac rehabilitation improved patients’ health in several areas, including their perceived stress, quality of life, and physical function. These results suggest that hatha yoga may benefit the patients with a range of conditions, especially cardiac disorders. The authors are recommending that these types of research programs be added to routine cardiac rehab. A recent study compared the effects of hatha yoga to regular exercise and other exercises. It found that hatha yoga reduced perceived stress and increased quality of life. The researchers also found that patients who took part in hatha yoga classes had fewer episodes of heart disease and improved their quality of life. The authors concluded that hatha yoga is beneficial for patients in cardiac rehabilitation.


The study was conducted on patients who had undergone valve surgery, a coronary stent, or HF. The participants were divided into two groups: those with HF and those with usual cardiac rehab. The patients were divided into 8 teams, with 40 in each. The researchers used CO-OP software to measure the quality of life and perceived stress of the participants. They found that both groups improved their quality of life.

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