Energy Drinks And Your Teeth

While you might want to avoid energy drinks in general, you can’t ignore the fact that they can be very harmful to your teeth. Dentists and a Calgary orthodontist are very cautious around these kinds of drinks and recommend that you be very mindful of how often you are having them. The best way to maintain a good oral health is to drink plenty of water. Water retains the natural pH levels in the mouth and helps neutralize acids in the mouth, so you’ll want to drink as much as you can during the day. It’s also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water after drinking an energy drink.

Extremely acidic

One of the problems associated with energy drinks is that they have low pH levels, which means that they’re highly acidic. This leaves the tooth enamel softer and more susceptible to decay, cavities, and tooth rot. Caffeine in energy drinks can also cause erosion, as it’s a natural diuretic. You’ll lose your calcium, and this can affect your mobility. This can lead to serious problems. The acid in energy drinks can cause erosion of the tooth’s enamel. When this happens, it exposes the teeth to bacteria that can cause a host of other dental problems. Afterward, you may experience sensitivity and pain when eating certain foods, which can result in cavities. The acidity in energy drinks can also lead to bleeding gums and inflammation. In addition, it’s impossible to repair the damage to enamel once it’s been damaged.

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Excessive alcohol consumption can damage your teeth

Moreover, energy drinks are a prime example of a bad mouth-health habit. As an unhealthy habit, drinking too much of them can damage your teeth. As long as you don’t consume more than two or three energy drinks a day, it’s best to follow a healthy eating routine. It’s important to remember that eating a balanced diet can promote good dental health. For this, you should eat well-balanced meals. There are a few things you can do to protect your teeth from the acid in energy drinks. First, you should avoid the acid. After you finish drinking an energy drink, rinse your mouth with water. The acid will neutralize the acid in the drink and increase saliva production. You should also refrain from brushing your teeth immediately after drinking it, as the combination of acid and brushing will damage the tooth’s enamel.


A recent study showed that the acidity of energy drinks can damage your teeth. People who consume too much of these drinks often need to visit their dentists to ensure that the acid doesn’t damage their teeth. It’s not necessary to drink energy drinks in large quantities every day. A few per week is fine. Even if you drink them occasionally, a single cup per day is still too much. You should limit your intake to one or two a week, depending on your needs.

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