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Do Not Smudge-Eye Cream

Eye cream is a staple part of the morning makeup routine, but it can smudge mascara. While eye cream is a great way to fix this, you can also use it to set your makeup. A moisturizing formula is best for this, because it contains primary ingredients such as water. Another way to avoid smudging is to apply a translucent powder under your eyes to absorb oils and moisture. In addition, make sure to use tube mascara, which won’t smudge and is easier to wash off than a waterproof formula.

This will prevent the eye liner from fading

Before applying eyeliner, be sure to set it with primer and concealer. A matte eye shadow is best for those with oily lids, as it will prevent the eye liner from smudging. If your eyelids are oily, avoid setting your makeup with oily or alcohol-based sprays. Blotting paper is another great way to remove excess oil. To prevent smudging, use a blotting sheet to wipe away excess product.

Make sure it drowns in your skin

Eyeliner can smudge when you smudge your eye makeup. To prevent this, you should apply your eye cream before your makeup and make sure it sinks into your skin. Always remember that the eye cream will sink into your skin more easily if you apply it during your morning skin care routine. If your eyeliner is applied before you have time to style your hair, your eyeliner may end up smudging.

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