Describe a Time When a Classmate or Teacher Helped You

Describe a time when a class member or teacher helped you. How did it make a difference in your life? Think about someone who has helped you along the way. Did they help you succeed in school, or was the assistance a surprise? If you can recall an experience, tell us about it. It could be a simple question, like “Did the teacher or other student help you with a task?” Or, it could be as difficult as a teacher advising a student in an uncomfortable subject.

Respect all students, including teachers

Be respectful of all people in school. Avoid gossiping and spilling secrets. Be respectful of all students, including teachers. Try to show them that you respect them by being polite to them. If you miss school, make up your work, and don’t talk trash to your classmates. By being respectful of others, you can foster strong relationships with teachers and classmates.

Teachers do not have to assign homework

Be sure to be respectful of other students. It is important to remember that teachers aren’t just there to grade papers and assign homework. They can also help you function as an adult and lifelong learner. Despite your dislike for a teacher, it’s important to remember that it is okay to express your dislike. If a teacher makes you feel uncomfortable, try to understand why. For example, you may not like the studying English by skype subject she teaches.

Appreciate and be grateful for the effort

If you have a history of getting help from a teacher or a classmate, you should make sure that you pay them back. The teacher should appreciate their effort and be thankful. You don’t need to give them any gifts. But if you can’t afford to give them expensive gifts, they’re still welcome. If a teacher does not like you, ask yourself why – maybe they don’t teach you anything about that subject.

It will have that positive impact on life

When asked to describe a time when a classmate or a teacher helped you, try to remember the positive impact that it had on your life. This will give your interviewer a good idea of your character and attitude. In addition to describing the person, you should also tell a story about a time when a teacher or a classmate helped you. It will help them understand why it was important to you and how it changed your life.


Describe a time when a class member or teacher helped you. What did they do for you? How did it make you feel? How does it make you feel? And what did it mean to you? How did it make you feel? If you had the opportunity to work with them, it would be an incredible experience!

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