Dailyhunt Integrates With Twitter Moments

One of the most interesting apps of the moment, Dailyhunt is a Twitter-centric app that helps users find relevant information about what they are interested in. It offers several features, such as searching for hashtags, following people, and searching for tweets. Now, Dailyhunt is integrating with Twitter Moments. Besides that, new features are expected to be introduced to the app.

About Dailyhunt

Dailyhunt, formerly Newshunt, is India’s most popular news application. It provides local content in 14 Indian languages. The company’s mission is to provide users with up-to-date information about various topics. In order to achieve this, it licenses content from 800+ publishers.

With over 350 million monthly active users, Dailyhunt has grown eight times faster than its nearest rival InShorts. In the past six months, it has added 12 million net new monthly active users and 68 million daily active users. Moreover, Dailyhunt has launched a campaign to get millennials hooked on its app.

Dailyhunt has more than 251 employees. They are spread across offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. A dedicated section of the Dailyhunt app is devoted to Twitter Moments. Users also receive real-time personalized content. This technology allows the app to track user preferences, and therefore, to curate content.

Dailyhunt also has a short-form video app called Josh. According toonily to the company’s CEO, he plans to expand the audience to 139 million monthly active users.

Integration with Twitter Moments

Twitter Moments is a new tool that allows users to share a collection of tweets, create stories, and curate tweets. While the original focus was on business promotion, now it has expanded to entertainment.

Moments are a new way to share visual and emotional stories. Users can collect tweets, photos, and videos from a wide variety of sources. They can even use external links, hashtags, and personalized emojis. The result is a visual presentation of what’s happening around the world.

It’s a different direction for Twitter, which has always been known as a business platform. However, it’s also a broader approach than many of its competitors. It’s not limited to Twitter users, but can be shared by a wide variety of publishers.

While tweetstorms have become an effective way to express longer thoughts, Twitter hasn’t always had a home for multimedia content. Earlier this year, the company introduced Sponsored Moments, which will present a curated series of tweets as ads in the newsfeed. This could provide publishers a new way to monetize their tweet content.

New features coming to the app

The Twitter Dailyhunt app will soon get a curated content feed, a la Facebook and LinkedIn. It will also display the most entertaining tweets a user has sent. And it may well be that a personalised avatar will be on the cards soon enough. If all goes to plan, the app will be one of the hottest mobile brethren. With the social media platform growing the number of monthly active users by the day, a dedicated mobile app is a must.

Twitter isn’t averse to making its mark on the mobile platform, a fact which prompted the aforementioned announcement. In addition to a bespoke app, the company also announced a tie-up with a burgeoning social media startup. The company will showcase its most interesting ad-free content through a new feed, aptly dubbed ‘Twitter ad free’. While apprehensive about the deal, Twitter’s co-founder Jack Dorsey told Mashable that “we’re excited about it.” Not surprisingly, the deal will be accompanied by a few new additions to Twitter’s existing stable.

Future plans

Dailyhunt is one of the most popular news aggregators in India. The app allows users to get daily news in 14 Indian languages. In addition to news, the app also provides local entertainment options. There are more than 350 million monthly users of the app.

In July, Dailyhunt reported 12 million net new monthly active users. This means that the company has a user base that’s growing at a faster rate than any other platform.

Although it’s a very popular app in India, Dailyhunt has lost some of its market share to competitors such as Google News and Inshorts. As such, the company needs to adapt to changing markets. Luckily, it’s got a lot of investor backing.

In September, Dailyhunt reported total monthly users of 138 million. The average smartphone user in India spends 288 minutes a day on a digital device. Therefore, the company can expect to maintain a healthy user base over the long run.

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