A Few Creative Photo Album Ideas 

Why do we take photos, collect them, and then organize them into attractive photo albums? Quite simply, we do all this to tell a unique story that we can come and see time and again. If done just right, these photo albums can become family classics that tell of your life to future generations.   

So, when you sit down and get about the task of organizing your photos into albums, the important question you should be asking yourself is not, what photos do I want to use, but rather, what is the story that I want to tell.  

Once you take this approach, you will find that there are a great many ways to tell a story. In the following article, we will take a look at some of the ways this can be accomplished to tell some amazing stories to your family for generations to come.  

Baby Photo Book Ideas — All Your Firsts 

From the moment they make their first smile, to the day they say their first word, your new child will be delighting you with many beautiful memories as they delight in new experiences. Take the time to document every first experience in your child’s life, along with as many references to memorabilia that you can include.  

As your baby grows, they will change so much that the small transformations can be easily forgotten. An album organized in monthly sections can allow for these beautiful transformations to be beautifully documented. When the day comes that you pass these stories on to your children, they will be amazed at the progress you have observed.  

A Series of Fortunate Events — Travel Albums 

Every trip and adventure you make should have its album, or at the very least its section in an album. This will allow you to choose the theme for every book you make, and all books in a similar category can have a similar cover and style. This provides your family with a fun way to store these precious memories for the future.  

My Favorite People — an Album for Family and Friends 

We all have that one album that includes family, extended family, friends, and other special people. This album should begin as a way of introducing your child and others to the important people in your family and continue to grow and expand into a trove of cherished memories together.  

One Month at a Time — a Process in Progress 

Things will happen that are obvious milestones in the evolution of your family. This can include a big move, a new job, a marriage, or even a new dog. Taking the time to record the changes these events bring to the family through a month-by-month process can be a great way to tell another kind of story.  

Favorite Places — Memories of Fun and Good Times 

Does your family have a special place where they gather for good times and celebrations? This could be the favorite family restaurant, bowling alley, or any other place where many memories have been captured in photographic form — even your living room. This in itself is a theme for a few volumes of family photo albums.

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